For the right of Catalonian people to self-determination!

World capitalist crisis, and in it the European economic Community’s crisis, is shaking up the whole world state’s system. We had already seen this with Scotland, where a nationalist secessionist movement grew due to Great Britain leaving the Euro zone. But Catalonia’s case is more meaningful because it stakes the democratic right for the self-determination of all the peoples, but also it opens the gates for the falling of the 1978’s Regime’s institutions (agreed with the monarchy, the bigotry-conservatives of the Popular Party, the social-democrats and the Stalinist, against a multi-national Spain). If this happens so, it will led to the demise of the Spanish state as we know it.
However Catalonians (a nationalist movement that for more than a decade is on the lead and making look the Basque movement on an almost conservative stance) are not a poor folk, exploited by the Spanish state. Just as the Basque they are non of it. We are talking here on the most dynamic economy in Spain, whose bourgeoisie and middle class won’t pay for the cost of Spain’s crisis. Up to a point this situation resembles to that of Italy’s north, with it’s Liga Lombarda; back in the 90’s they didn’t want to pay for the poorest side of Italy: the farming south. But this comparison has limits, because Catalonia is areal nationality, unlike Italy’s north.
However this won’t change the fact that this is not a worker’s or a poor’s peoples demand, which are actually the quadrant that Will suffer the most from the separation of Spain this means the split-up from the EEC and the lost of trading with the Spanish State, at least for some time. Not to pay a tribute to Spanish State wont stop the crisis neither, a crisis that will be discharged on the workers and the poor people’s shoulders. The same way will go on in the Spanish State, if it counts or not with Catalonian’s economical resources.
All of this blends with the Spanish State repression witch wont allow the catalonian over their self-determination. This gives the more legitimacy to the nationalist catalonian demand and its bourgeoisie, going further from self-determination to complete independence.
October the 1st will see a plebiscite in Catalonia in order to decide its fate and the Spanish State is looking forward to stop it, whatever means necessary. A principled marxist stance is to take in consideration both sides, that are the situation of national oppression (always taking sides with the oppressed nation) and the working class interest. And since we are not nationalist (because nationalism always led to the interests of the bourgeisie) we take into account both the interests of the catalonian proletariat as well as the Spanish State-s proletariat.
● For the right to self-determination of catalonian people – Lets fight and defeat the Spanish States repression – Defense of civil rights! Against the labour reforms of 2010 and 2012, everyone ust carry on to the October the 3rd Strike summoned by the Catalonian CGT!
● Lets start workers committees all over Spain! We must build up self-defense committees to face police provocateurs and fascist gangs!
● No to Independence – Fight for the unity of the spanish proletariat in order to make this monarchic oppressive and exploitative regime fall apart. Fight for the building of a Revolutionary Workers Goverment and a free and voluntary Federation of workers and socialist republics in the whole Iberian Peninsula, which must fight also for a free and voluntary Federation of workers and socialist republics in Europe.
● We must fight to form a Internationalist, Socialist, Revolutionary, Workers Party in the entire Spanish State – with publications in all of their languages – in order to fight for proletarian revolution and worlwide socialism.
Organizing Committee of the Revolutionary Worker's Communist International