Let’s defend North Korea against any possible imperialist attack

OC-RWCI Statement

USA has an aggressive policy in order to make North Korea disarm. With catch phrases like “strategic patience is over” and threatening with dispatching nuclear ships to the region, it seeks to push and, at the same time, to prepare world public opinion with an imminent aggression.
If the situation remains in catch phrases so far then it might change, because USA’s government is a thousand times more unpredictable than Kim Jong-Un regime. If the threat of nuclear arms or a world war is what must be terminated then it is the USA, United Kingdom, France, Israel, among other who should be disarmed.
North Korea is still a type of nation that was correctly characterized by Trotskyism as a Bureaucratized Workers State, that is a country where bourgeoisie was expropriated – in the first 50’s, after a criminal war moved by the USA – but as a works state it was formed deformed, differently than the USSR in the 1917-1924 period (that is, without soviet nor worker’s democracy), year where Lenin dies and Stalin and its bureaucracy manages to hold power.  North Korea forms as a Bureaucratized Workers State, with a state regime very much like Stalin’s and molding up an unmeasured personality cult to Kim Il-Sung, maximum leader and North Korea founder.
After the fall of Berlin’s Wall and the USSR disappearing the Stalinist bureaucracies reacted in several ways. On one hand we have the case of the restorationist Yugoslav bureaucracies that, hiding behind nationalist flags, started a fratricidal war financed by imperialist nations in order to gain ground where it develop itself as a dominant class. China reaffirms its restorationist course, started at the end of the 70’s. And Vietnam and Cuba had summed up in the middle of the 90’s to this pro-capitalist course. Nonetheless that is not the North Korea’s bureaucracy case. But not because of some special reason that makes it immune to any restorationist aspiration; it knows that in such a situation it will lose everything. That is, I’ll disappear as a bureaucratic caste since it can’t turn into capitalist dominant class. Because in such case scenario there’s South Korea, promoted and financed by the USA, that will soon absorb the week North Korean bourgeoisie. That’s the reason why Kim Jong-Un’s Stalinist regime hasn’t made capitalist restoration, but the nuclear development in order to face any aggression, as well as to negotiate in parity with South Korea in any case.
But this closed and bellicose stance of the North Korean Stalinist bureaucracy is not only due to the existence of South Korea, but it is also possible because there is the People's Republic of China, with which North Korea trades 90% of its total commercial exchange, and at the same time provides technology. And it also has a secure border allied in the north as is Russia. But these two characteristics are second-order, for if there were no strong capitalist South Korea, and if only one Korea as a Bureaucratized Workers State, then this would have already advanced in capitalist restoration, like China or Vietnam did, and would not have remained closed and on a war footing and challenging. North Korea, however, has also introduced capitalist enterprises and criteria, but not so much because it wants to develop its own bourgeoisie, but more than anything else because, since it is not possible to build socialism in a single country, let alone so backward, dynamize the economy with these measures. But these are partial economic measures and small enterprises, and as a whole they cannot yet be said to modify the social situation, nor that it is a capitalist country.
But it is also estimated that North Korea has developed military technology with the capacity of having made missiles that carry nuclear warheads that reach the west coast of the USA. Other more reasonable analysts believe that such missiles would not exceed 2,000 kilometers, but with a capacity of only 400 kilometers, they would reach Seoul, the capital of South Korea, and 1,500 kilometers would reach Tokyo, the capital of Japan. And this is very significant for the USA.
Another element that rounds out the situation in the region is the existence of Japan, a historic imperialist country whose ruling class has repeatedly invaded and massacred the Koreans, Chinese, and in general all the peoples of the East whom they have been able to conquer in the XVIII, XIX and the XX centuries. Even through a Japanese military invasion is not even a hypothetical possibility, it is true that, after South Korea, Japan is a certain target as a reprisal against any imperialist attack. That’s the reason why both Japan and South Korea are cautions on these frictions, although they seek for North Korea’s disappearing. These countries won’t get tired of claiming they seek for peace and negotiations.
Trump government seeks to face China, in order to stop their economical development. That’s why it tries to make it involve in disarming North Korea in the same as the involvement against radical Islam. USA has already managed to make China to economical sanctions on North Korea for unauthorized nuclear tests and missile tests. But this seems to be too short for Trump; it seems that what he is looking for is help for an invasion or at least the Chinese government indifference. Right now these chances don’t look possible though, even though china has a lot in the game and situation’s evolvement may change fast, it is certain that the USA-South Korea-Japan won’t attack North Korea while is still China’s allied, which for its own interest will never agree to a Korea with north-american military bases.
Nevertheless, facing a hypothetical war, bombardment or imperialist invasion against North Korea, the principled Marxists of the OC-RWCI are on the military field of North Korea.  Because even if it has dictatorial regime and delirious personality cult for his president won’t change the fact that south Korean bourgeoisie seeks to attach that region for their business benefits. Also any kind of regime is no argument against the technical and military development of the underdeveloped countries – like Iran, that’s also under pressure to stop their nuclear development – on their own, without needing permissions from the imperialist powers.  The only ones to have the right this government this the working class, in the lead of the poor people of both Korea’s, to which is necessary the building of a revolutionary workers party in North and South Korea. It is crucial task, as it was proved in Eastern Europe and the USSR, because without a party of such kind there’ll be no political revolution on North Korea. A revolution of such kind will throw away the bureaucracy and will lead a way to socialism and world revolution. The Korean unification in progressive only in the fight for socialism lead by the working class.