Imperialist hands out of Syria!

Long live to the revolution!

Almost six years ago, Mohammad Bouazizi, a young unemployed, set himself on fire to death and, unknowing, he set on fire the Arab countries. 2008’s Capitalist crisis had, and still has, a great impact, especially in those areas of the north of Africa and Central Asia; today the masses response is not the same. And like a gunpowder road this democratic revolution process extended to dozens of countries, with Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Syria being the countries where the masses had their biggest strife’s. In those countries anti-government rallies, vicious repressions, coup d’états, revolutions and civil war happened. 
Particularly in Syria, a bit later the Tunisian revolution and the triumph of the rebellion in Libya, the rallies for democracy are brutally repressed by the Baath regime run by Bashar Al-Assad. The Syrian Armed Forces (SAF) splits and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) appears, taking control of most of Syrian cities at the time. By creating the Syrian National Coalition (SNC), the FSA was indirectly controlled by imperialism through Qatar and Saudi Arabia, countries that financed and military supported them.  These two countries, along with Turkey, financed the jihadist groups like Jabhat Al-Nusra and Daesh. Daesh (which it’s a split of Jabhat Al-Nusra) heads from Iraq to Syria’s levant in order to create it’s own caliphate. And just in 2014 the PYD-controlled area, Rojava, started to take a decisive role in Syrian Civil War and revolution as a reaction to Daesh’s advance. Playing after that a progressive role, with the women’s militias of the YPJ as a distinctive force by making Daesh to retreat it’s forces from Rojava. And to this situation we must ad Erdogan’s government two-objective action; in one hand he support’s NATO, on the other hand he supports Daesh by buying them Iraq’s petroleum, so Daesh can face the Kurd’s forces in Syria, because Rojava it’s a vital support for Kurdish separatism from Turkey. To all of this, in 2014, the USA and other European imperialist powers bombed (with Al-Assad permission) Daesh’s position and, in 2015 final months, Russia intervened too against Daesh, but at the same time against the FSA.
Another factor aligned with both the USA and Al-Assad is Iran, that cannot allow to let Daesh’s Sunni Caliphate to exists. It first intervened through Lebanon’s Hezbollah and after it helped Iraq’s army, while negotiating treaties for nuclear development with the USA.
In 2016 first months the political direction of Rojava, the PYD, negotiated with the USA and NATO the imperialist forces entry to Syria, making them a counterrevolutionary force from that moment on; just like it was the FSA when they asked for imperialist intervention.
This five years of civil war left 250.000 deaths, endless suffering, the immigration of over 3 millions of refugees and it devastated most of cities. And even so, everything points to civil war’s end is far from coming and revolutionaries still have answers to give. Seeking the development of revolutionary and worker’s vanguard in order to finish capitalist barbarism in Syria, transforming it’s democratic revolution into a socialist revolution.
Besides those places run by Bashar Al-Assad, FSA, Jabhat Al-Nusra, Daesh and the PYD there is a sixth place: those places under independent Local Coordination Committees (LCC) control. These organisms, through few, are independent of their forces control and it gathers workers, peasants and soldiers. Those are the organism to develop and where the Worker’s Revolutionary Party of Syria must be built. In all the other places run by the other forces revolutionaries must work underground, developing militias, always with the imperialist forces and it’s allies defeat as one of the main goal’s. For the defeat of imperialist forces and it’s allies in Syria! Down with Al-Assad and Daesh! To develop, expand and arm the LCC in order to fight for power! For a provisional government of the LCC and it’s call for a Constituent Assembly in whole Syria! And in that Constituent Assembly revolutionaries must fight for Syria’s rupture with all it’s ties with imperialist powers, for the nationalization of the industry and the workers management, for the nationalization of the banking system and the external commerce, for the agrarian reform, for the splitting of religion from the state, for the equality of rights between women and men, for the self-determination rights of the Kurds, etc. And with those struggles ahead, to fight for a workers revolutionary alternative in order to fight for power.
Because only the workers revolutionary government is the one kind of government that can carry on with that program and to end with the misery, the war and barbarism of capitalism, expanding  the revolution to Asia, Africa, Europe and the rest of the world.
Organizing Committee of the Revolutionary Worker’s Communist International: